Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

Rejoice! I know that it is not a suggestion, but a command. Rejoice in the Lord always. And again I say rejoice (Phillipians 4:4). Though sometimes its hard for our flesh to find reasons to rejoice and praise our God. We need food, money, clothing, our bodies ache, we could go on forever. All of these worldly things can take our focus off of what God has truly done for us. Not only has God provided clothing and our everyday needs for us, but He has clothed us spiritually as well! Isaiah 61:10 states that God “has clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe of righteousness”. This should be where our true joy should be found, not in the material blessings God has given us, as wonderful as His provision is. But our bliss should be found in His salvation for us! That’sa joy that beyond question is new every morning!


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Student, preacher, husband, teacher, coffee addict, writer, baseball fanatic, golfer, musician and child of God.

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