Roads and Bridges

Today was a big day for me. It was the first time I have ever spoke on a Sunday morning at any church, and was introduced as the Intern to the Lead Pastor at our church. I spoke about growing spiritually throughout different seasons of our lives, using Mark 9:2-29 as an example. Reflecting back on this morning I realized that the journey I am on is not just my own. I am traveling on a road blazed by people in front of me in my own life, and crossing bridges that God has built in my path. Even though my journey is different, those who have poured into my life have helped me pave that road and move along it.

I’m not just talking about God walking along with me on my journey, but those who have laid the road down in front of me. Pastors, sunday school teachers, church leaders, all these people have had impact in my life as I walked. They have all taken their own roads God has given them and helped build the road to the dreams God has given me.

My road has not always been smooth, and has had it fair share of wrong turns and dead ends. Yet it is because of the work and time they put into my life that I have been able to find that road again, and been able to cross the bridges in my life in faith because of godly people that have been part of my life.

I am so excited to take these next steps in my journey on the road before me. I am going to get a chance to do the same for the young people at our church that so many have done for me. To use the experiences and sights I have witnessed on my road to help them find the way on theirs. What an awesome responsibility.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a kind word and a godly example that your life can mean in the life of your fellow Christian’s. Help pave a road today, and build a bridge for the future.


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