Living Will

Over the past few weeks we have been talking about God’s will in our lives. Whether it’s answering questions or finding the path that has been set before you, we have covered a lot. But ultimately God’s will for each of our lives is about living. Living daily and walking daily with Him on the road He has made for us. Living with God can be a challenge. It requires sacrifice. It requires humility. It requires faith. All things that do not come easy to us humans. But there are two things that if done consistently will help you on this walk everyday.

We must live a consistent life of prayer. God is pretty good at not telling us everything about our lives all at once. He knows what we need to know and when we need to know it. When we are consistent in spending time on our knees before Him, are ability to communicate with Him grows as well. And as we continue in this lifestyle, it provides us a chance to hear His voice speaking into our lives. Because prayer is not only talking to God, but listening to Him as well. We learn to know the voice of God because we will begin to build a strong relationship with Him. We learn God’s will for our lives by spending time with Him in a relationship of prayer. Like any good relationship, communication is the key!

We must live a life that is immersed in God’s Word. God’s Word is God’s will for your life. It’s how we judge and how we learn the principles for our life on Earth. God’s Word is just as relevant now as ever before, and it gives us direction in every situation in life. The most amazing thing about the Bible is that it doesn’t have to even speak specifically on every issue we face in life. The principles we find in it can be applied to every situation in this life. The Bible is the most unique and beautiful book that has ever been written, and His Word will always speak to us when given the opportunity. The reason it does is so awesome: Ultimately this book is not a book, but a person (John 1:1-4). Jesus is the Word. He takes those words on the page and makes them life for us.

Doing both of these accomplish the same goal; it keeps us in touch with the Lord, and gives us daily understanding of our journey in life. And we learn that living in God’s will isn’t all fireworks and skywriting. It’s just living with Jesus and allowing Him to guide us in the write direction. Finding God’s will isn’t only about your future, it’s about living with Him today.


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