Just One Shot

If your reading this and you don’t know me, let me fill you in on a something that’s not a big secret… I love comic books and super heroes. Growing up one of my absolute favorite super heroes was Superman, and my favorite Superman movie was Superman II. In it 3 escaped criminals from Krypton come to Earth led by General Zod (who strangely enough you can follow on Twitter) and gain the same powers that Superman has. Long story short, they find out he is there and because of their grudge with his father, they want to defeat him and take over Earth. Meanwhile, Superman has other ideas. He decides to give up his powers and live as Clark Kent so he can be with Lois Lane. Bad move. Just when the Earth needs him the most, he walks away from his power.

Now the reason I like this movie so much is not the action, it’s the lesson learned from it. In the end, Clark Kent becomes Superman again, defeats General Zod and saves Earth. You see it was what he was meant to do, it was what his life on this planet was for. To stand for truth, justice and the American way.

We all have a purpose here. But sometimes we are so busy looking to the future that we miss our purpose in the here and now. We have got 5 year plans, 10 year plans and retirement plans. This has given rise to what I believe are the 4 most commonly used words in America, “I’ll do it later”. But as most of us know it can often turn into “I never did it”.

Proverbs 27:1

Don’t boast about tomorrow, 
for you don’t know what a day might bring

The writer of this Proverb is telling us something that many of us overlook. He is say that we have today. So think about today, the one shot you get. We get one life, one chance. Today is here only for a moment. And if today is all we have, than we have to start making today count. Think about what you can do today.

Today you can encourage somebody. Our world is in constant motion, change is never-ending and unrelenting. It is easy for each of us to be distracted from God. And that distraction can lead to discouragement. None of us are free from doubt. Discouragement can creep up on any of us at any time. It even found Peter while he was walking on water (Matthew 14:26-29) with Jesus! Of course our first defense against discouragement is to keep our eyes on God. But we have been given other sources of encouragement as well, namely each other. Your actions and words can have two outcomes, they can lift up or tear down. Don’t ever underestimate the importance that a kind word can mean to those in need. Encourage someone today!

Today build Godly character. Winston Churchill once said “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” Everyone of us will be remembered for something. What will people say about you when your gone? I have received a ton of advice since beginning my journey to become a pastor. And most of it is tied together by one thread: People are watching you, don’t do anything to hurt your witness. This is good advice for all of us. We are all being watched, we will all be remembered. And if you call yourself a Christian, you are represent God here on this planet. Proverbs 22:1 says “A good name is to be chosen over great wealth…”. A good name has value beyond worth in this world. When we pattern our lives after the way Jesus lived; selfless, loving, compassionate and prayerful, we become like Him. To be like Jesus should be our daily prayer. To live like Jesus is a powerful witness, and your life may be the first gospel somebody will read.

Today tell someone about what God has done for you. This morning people all over the world woke up to go about their daily lives. Some will go to work, some to school, and many other routines. But many woke up today not realizing today is their last day on Earth, not realizing they would meet God today. They are planning for their future, but their plans don’t include God. One moment we’re here, the next in eternity. Hell will be full of people who thought they would have another day. Another day to live, to see their family, to plan for their future. People who will wish they had another chance to accept Jesus and make their lives right with God. Our part is simple, to tell others of the saving power of Jesus. There is no pressure, no expectation of success, no checklist. We tell them, and the Holy Spirit goes to work. We pray and God works in their lives. Our God is in the salvation business, and He has shouldered the heaviest load, and given us our part to play. Give the world the chance, and see God work in ways you would never dreamed of.



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