Feed Your Soul, Feed It.

Day 3…

This Live Dead challenge is always getting in my face. As a person working in ministry its tough sometimes to remember that first and foremost we must seek God and His righteousness. In order for us to go, we must continue to grow. I don’t have any deep thoughts or revelations tonight. We must remember that in the midst of the process of our calling, and seeking God’s will for our lives, that the first step is to draw near to Him, and to be silent in His presence. Growing must come before and continue on after the going.

Matthew 6:33Ā (ESV)

ButĀ seek firstĀ the kingdom of God and his righteousness,Ā and all these things will be added to you.

Stay focused, stay thirsty, never forget that our own relationship with God is where all of our power, energy and ability to reach this world, and to fulfill the dream God has planted in your heart. A dream is a seed, without water from God, it cannot grow.


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2 thoughts on “Feed Your Soul, Feed It.”

  1. I agree, I wrote this verse down to memorize it(Matt 6:25-34). Cause I think we as people spend to much time, I mean way to much, thinking about the next day and really forgetting what’s important, what’s right in front of us. The people that we see everyday, become background, monday-ing… But what God reminded me of today was the fact that I encounter, 100’s of people. They’re watching my every move. It made me stop and realize that worrying about other things wasn really the point of this adventure. So, this. Challenge, changed me to literally stop, and listen not only to God, but people too. Cause being constantly reminded its not my will, but yours be done, is a lot harder then I initially thought…

    Peace out 5-0

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