What Did You Expect?

Day 5…

Expectations: What Have I Signed Up For?

Today the challenge was very simple? What really are your expectations of living dead. So no analysis, just my real life expectations of what I believe living for God, and putting myself to death will entail.

I expect that living dead will be hard to begin.

I expect that living dead will bring me into the crosshairs of the enemy.

I expect that living dead will make me more aware of my fellow-man.

I expect God to provide growth and sustain me during this time.

I believe that God will reap a harvest through the death of my will.

I expect their to be little pay, little reward, and little recognition here on Earth.

I expect that my family and friends will not understand, and may even be alienated by my choice.

I expect that living dead will bring tears of sadness and pain, as well as tears of joy and victory.

I expect that living dead will bring me closer to God, and will allow me to walk and respond in the Spirit daily.

I believe that God is the strength that I lean on in times of my weakness.

These are some of the things that come to mind when I think about living dead, about putting myself last and God first. What do you expect?


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Student, preacher, husband, teacher, coffee addict, writer, baseball fanatic, golfer, musician and child of God.

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