What an amazing weekend we just had in Grand Rapids at Michigan Youth Convention. Awesome worship, students pouring out themselves to God, seeking His face and decisions made for Christ.

Konan Stephens talked about a “love revolution”, using God’s love to turn our lives, our schools, and this world upside down for Jesus. I am not going to recap his message, just a short little encouragement for everyone. Revolution…

On December 16, 1773, American colonists boarded ships in Boston Harbor and dumped crates of tea into the water. We know it as the Boston tea party. It is known as a catalyst to start the American Revolution. But it was not the revolution. It was an event, a protest.

You see a revolution is not a one time thing, it doesn’t happen and then stop. Revolution is ongoing.

Don’t be satisfied merely meeting God at convention and thinking it’s over. It’s not. Continue your revolution daily. Be in prayer, read your Bible, encounter God daily. In your home, in the halls of your school, when you go to work. Your revolution is in you, and spreads to those around you. Don’t stop at just being a protester, be a revolutionary.


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