GL Kid’s Journal – June 18, 2017

Bible Story: Genesis 2:19-20

Bottom Line: God Made You to Imagine

Memory Verse: I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

Life App: CREATIVITY – imagining what you could do because you’re made in God’s image.

Basic Truth: I can trust God no matter what.

What a month of firsts! We’ve talked about the first light, the first mountains, the first oceans, the first animals and God’s most special first in the creation story, the first person.

Adam was created in God’s image, with all the creative and physical capabilities to do another first; the world’s first JOB!

Adam was tasked by God to take care of His creation, to tend to the garden and enjoy the fruits of God’s labor. Sounds a lot better than some of the jobs I’ve had!

But like we learned last week, Adam was created by THE Creator, in HIS image! God knew Adam needed more to do than pull weeds and take walks. Adam needed to be able to flex the creative muscle and use the imagination that God gave him. So God gave Adam a second job… to name all of God’s other creations.

So time out for a second. One of my favorite things making its way around social media circles are the memes with alternative animal names. Adam had to name every creature on the face of the earth. He looked at the tortoise and said (in perfect English of course), “Hello, tortoise.” Adam saw birds with beautiful feathers and exclaimed “Parrots!” Us? This is the best we can do…


But I digress.

God also made Adam a helper, Eve. Although they couldn’t create something from nothing, they could use all the imagination and creativity God had put into them and see limitless possibility.

These jobs God gave Adam, they are ours today as well, we are still tasked with caring for God’s creation, both the animals and all of the rest as well. God made all of us to create and to imagine. Stop and think  and dream with your child on how you can use your imagination to help make this world better. The only limit to what we can do is the limit of our imaginations.

Throughout the Bible, God gives jobs to his people. Moses was to lead the Hebrews out of Egypt. Solomon, to build the temple. John the Baptist to prepare the way for Jesus. Paul was to go to the Gentiles and spread the story of Jesus. And that’s a job that we share as well. Jesus gave us a job to go into all the world and share the gospel. There is no unemployment in God’s Kingdom! We all have a job to do.

This Sunday we wrap up our month focusing on creation and creativity with another first… and this one is not so fantastic.

See you next week!

Pastor Paul

GL Kid’s Journal – June 11, 2017


Bible Story: Genesis 1:26-2:1-25

Bottom Line: God Made You

Memory Verse: I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

Life App: CREATIVITY – imagining what you could do because you’re made in God’s image.

Basic Truth: I can trust God no matter what.

Well, we certainly had an adventure this week in GL Kid’s! With the arrival of summer vacation for most of the kids, the launch of our new check-in system and the introduction of a couple of new youth volunteers, our plate was full and overflowing!

This is the first of our weekly journals on whats happening in GL Kid’s, we want to keep parents, family and church up to speed on what the kids are learning and how they are growing. If I can draw your attention to the box above. You will see these five categories every week in the journal entry: Bible Story, Bottom Line, Memory Verse, Life App, and Basic Truth. Three of these are unique to our teaching style. The Bottom Line is our big idea for the week, we want the kids leaving knowing this. The Life App is our monthly life application for the theme. The Basic Truth is is focused on 1 of 3 basic truths we will be teaching the kids, this changes with each lesson.

In June and July our overall theme is Gadgets & Gizmos, with a focus on creativity in June. God is creative, we learned this week that because our God and creator is creative, than we each have a spark of creativity in us as well. Wether that spark is in artistic creativity, mechanical, culinary, musical, writing or a host of other creative ideas and thoughts. God created us to be creative, that is why he gave Adam rule over the Earth (Genesis 1:28-30), because he could be creative, think of new things, and help God’s new creation flourish and grow. God’s creation spawns creativity.

When we talk of sunsets, we speak of how God painted a perfect sky. Mountains, God sculpted them beautifully. And He crafted forests, rivers, oceans all with the creative eye of a master artisan.

God created us with the same care and thoughts. Our systems and bodies are so complex.  We were created with eyes, ears, noses, tongues, and fingers, all with which we can take in and experience God’s creation. The Father designed us with muscles, tendons, joints, and bones, so that we can work and mold this wonderful art project God made.

But ultimately the human form, was created in God’s image. And that means something else as well. 

A Rube Goldberg invention is a complex machine that does a simple action. If you have ever played the game Mouse Trap, than you have seen a Rube Goldberg invention at work. The human form, physically, spiritually and emotionally is essentially a Rube Goldberg invention. An amazingly complex machine, that does something incredibly simple.

God created us to be in His own likeness, He created us to be like Himself. That doesn’t mean we look exactly like God, so what does that really mean? 

We used Mr and Mrs Potato Head to help us tell the story of creation. See their feet? God gave us feet so we can stand strong and be courageous. Courage let’s us be brave enough to do what we should do, even when we are afraid. 

God also gave Adam arms. Our arms can be used to reflect who God is, a God of love. There are so many ways we can use our arms to show others God’s love. The kids had some great ideas. We can use our arms to hug someone when they are sad or just to show them we love them. We can help our parents, family and neighbors with work around their homes. We can hold doors, cook meals, and my personal favorite, we can even us them to give high-fives to each other!

God gave us a mouth too, you’re probably thinking how is my mouth made in the image of God. But it’s true! We can honor others with the way that you speak about them and the way you speak to them. We can also honor God as well with our prayers, praise and song! But before we can tell people how we value them, we have to see the value in them first.

So it’s a good thing God gave us eyes to see others the way that He sees them. In fact, we can use the eyes and ears that God gave us to live our lives with initiative, which means seeing and hearing what people need, and doing it.

These are all gifts that were given to us in God’s great creation plan, and now we can use these gifts in God’s amazing plan of restoration and redemption. God has made us in a wonderfully, complex manner, to do something very simple: LOVE OTHERS. 

Pastor Paul